dentalclinic1of1Oral assessment

  • Oral cancer and Periodontal Screening

At your first visit, you will be given a comprehensive medical and dental history to fill out. This will ensure that all the necessary and relevant medical and dental information is obtained prior to starting treatment. This will allow us to identify anymedical conditions or other important information that might impact your dental care. We would like to provide you with a safe dental hygiene treatment. A thorough intra and extra oral examination will be done followed by a periodontal screening which will be recorded and updated yearly or as needed.

We will perform a clinical oral cancer screening at each dental visit. In the case of an abnormal finding, a referral to an Oral Surgeon will be provided.

teeth-cleaning-sherman-oaksTeeth cleaning

  • Scaling and Root Planning (Periodontal Therapy)

Periodontal Therapy involves using hand instruments to remove dental plaque, bio film and calculus from the teeth and underneath the gum line. An ultrasonic scaling device can also be used to help remove deposits and aide in flushing the bacteria from under the gum line.

  • Gum Irrigation
  • Polishing

Tooth polishing removes stain, plaque and helps to smooth the tooth surface making it difficult for the plaque to accumulate on the tooth surface.

  • Fluoride Application

There are numerous ways to dispense fluoride: as a mouth rinse or trays with a fluoride foam, (The mouth rinse is a great way to receive your fluoride if you tend to gag). For patients who may be at a higher risk of developing dental caries, a fluoride varnish can be applied using a micro brush directly onto the tooth surface.

Oral Hygiene Instruction and Personal Treatment Planning

Because every mouth is different, a personalized oral hygiene instruction will be given at each dental hygiene appointment to help achieve the best results. A treatment plan addressing the patient’s goals and a recommended sequence of visits will be specially designed to meet each and every ones needs.

Kids Dental Cleaning

The advantage of taking your children to our dental hygiene clinic at a young age is that we strive to offer a positive and fun experience in order to build a relationship and provide a good experience that will last a lifetime. We allow enough time for each appointment in a relaxed atmosphere to address every need.

We care about offering children and their parents early dental education in order to start them on the right track.

Tooth Desensitizing Treatment

Local Anesthesia

Needle Free Anesthetic

 For patients that are experiencing gum sensitivity during cleaning, (scaling or root planning) we can apply an anesthetic gel around the selected tooth. The anesthetic solution is delivered below the gum line using an applicator [ NOT a needle] to make the treatment more comfortable.

Dental Sealants

A thin coating painted on the chewing surfaces (pits and grooves) of the molars and premolars is applied to prevent dental caries.

In House Laser Whitening

At One Smile Bright, we take pride in our whitening system. After much researching, we have found the greatest overall whitening products. They give you a naturally whiter and healthier smile and NO sensitivity.  It is the only whitening that can be combined with your hygiene appointment without the need for customized trays.

The LASER light activation will give you whitest shades in the least amount of time, all in a single visit.

Bonus fact that will blow your mind away: It’s all NATURAL!

Custom Sports Mouthguards

Custom sports mouthguards are used in all sports that may involve physical contact such as: hockey, football, rugby, soccer, lacrosse, etc. They are specifically designed to help prevent concussions and damage to the teeth, tongue, and jaw. They are much more effective than the typical store bought sports guards as they provide a better source of suction to the teeth and gums which overall provides the athlete with more protection and comfort. Custom mouthguards can be made in a variety of colors and designs.

Professional Cleaning of Dentures, Sports Mouthguards and Night Guards

Digital X-rays and Imaging

A digital sensor that is designed to be more comfortable for both adults and children will be used. The sensor produces a sharper image while requiring less radiation. A state of the art cavity detection device called, (Cari Vu) uses a trans illumination technology to identify new and recurrent dental cavities that may be present. When used together, x-rays, Cari Vu and intra oral photos will provide a comprehensive picture of your oral health. 

X-rays or images can be forwarded with your permission to a dentist or other health care provider.

Referrals to Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons and Other Health Care Providers

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