Why Choose A Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental-HygienistYou might be asking yourself, “Why would I go directly to a dental hygiene clinic to get my teeth cleaned?” There are a number of reasons why working with an independent dental hygienist can provide you with a more thorough, personalized teeth cleaning experience and save you money in the short and long term. And yes, we have direct billing for dental insurance.


Relaxed, Friendly Environment

When you go to One Smile Bright Dental Hygiene Clinic, the first thing you will notice is the warm inviting atmosphere. You will be greeted by one of the owners, who has a genuine desire to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Dental-Hygiene-Clinic-CalgaryThe office feels more like a spa than a medical office, with bright modern décor, massage chairs, a beverage station and a fireplace to give you time to relax while you wait. And you won’t wait long, because all of our appointments are scheduled so that you never feel rushed.

Children, seniors, and people who are nervous to get their teeth cleaned, feel at ease at our family-friendly, family run dental clinic.


Personalized Unbiased Advice

When you first visit us, our dental hygienist will take the time to get to know you and what your concerns and issues are. We’ll review your medical history and then have a look at your teeth and gums.

Just like at the dentist, the dental hygienist will create a treatment plan with recommendations on what needs to be done, but without any up-sell. Dental hygienists are trained to spot any issues with your teeth and are fully qualified to make recommendations on your treatment.


Our treatment plans are customized based on the client, and we’ll discuss the options with you. Perhaps you need x-rays, dental sealants, more frequent cleanings, or special treatments due to gum issues. Regardless of what you need, we will discuss all of your options with you and also take into consideration your insurance so that the treatment plan fits your budget.

We will also help you create a home care plan to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Perhaps you need to spend more time flossing, we can help you with that.


A Job Well Done

This where we shine, with the dental hygienist taking the proper amount of time to really clean your teeth and gums.

Because we are not under time pressure, we can provide you with the most thorough, yet gentle deep teeth cleaning you have ever had (if your schedule allows).

If you have sensitive teeth, we’ll take extra measures to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible.

When required, we’ll take x-rays to check your bone health and see if there are any issues between your teeth. In addition to x-rays, we also have a tool called the Carie Vu camera, which takes images of the inside of your teeth. This tool is much like an x-ray, but it detects 99% of cavities. It also has no radiation, so it’s perfect for pregnant women or clients that do not want x-rays.

One Smile Bright also offers one of the best professional laser teeth whitening treatments on the market. Using cold laser technology and natural ingredients, our teeth whitening treatment provides amazing results for the smile of your life. This technique also has a “no sensitivity” guarantee, unlike other options.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

With every appointment, we strive to educate our clients on how to properly take care of their teeth in order to prevent cavities and gum disease.

In some cases, we are able to help our clients stop or reverse gum. Our preventative approach can save our clients money in the long term by avoiding costly dental procedures.


Cost Benefits

One of the main reasons our clients come to the dental hygiene clinic is that there is usual a cost savings when you work directly with a dental hygienist for your teeth cleaning. At One Smile Bright, we do not have a minimum charge, so many of our clients are pleasantly surprised when they are billed.

If you have dental insurance you may be wondering about direct billing. One Smile Bright offers direct billing Our billing follows one of the major insurance company’s fee guide, so in most cases our clients with 100% dental coverage do not pay out of pocket.

Because we bill according to a fee guide, you will notice our fees are very affordable. This is a perfect option for people that just like saving money.

If you are curious about the cost of our teeth cleaning, please give us a call.

Experience The Best

 Dental-Hygienist-Susy-TremblayOne Smile Bright Dental Hygiene Clinic is owned and operated by Susy Tremblay. Susy is a registered Dental Hygienist with over 26 years of experience. She has worked in a variety of dental offices, including periodontal and pediatric clinics, which makes her a well–rounded dental hygienist.

Susy holds a diploma in Health Sciences from Le College de Jonquiere in Quebec and a diploma in Dental Hygiene from the College de Maisonneuve in Montreal. Susy’s passion for dentistry lead her to also complete a Dental Hygiene Certificate from the University of Montreal in 1991 and Local Anesthesia Certification from the University of British Columbia in 1992. Professional development has always been and still is a big part of her career.


Flexible For Your Schedule

We realize that people cannot always take time during the work day for a teeth cleaning appointment. If you would like an evening or weekend appointment, please give us a call.