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  • Sussy Tremblay was exceptional hygienist and in all aspects of her relationships with patients. The treatment she rendered was very thorough and always of the utmost quality. She has a caring nature to make patients feel conformable in the dental atmosphere. I wholeheartedly recommend Sussy. She is a excellent hygienist and is certainly a credit to the proffession.” And Kudos to Phlippe as well “You always feel welcome once you enter the office”

  • Missy Palanacki reviewed One Smile Bright — 5 star

    2 hrs ·

    This place honestly had the best customer service I’ve seen in a long time. I was referred here from someone on Facebook saying they were a good place, and I can now say that my family has found a new place to have our teeth cleaned. My only regret is that we hadn’t had all our previous cleanings done here. The amount of time that was actually spent cleaning our teeth goes far beyond what I expected and am now wondering how my previous appointments at another dentist were done so quickly yet my bill was more?? I will be telling everyone I know about this place!!!!

  • Cory Wright-Maley
    ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago on google
    I was really happy with my experience here.

    Here’s what I noticed:

    1. They were much more focused on prevention, and not on selling dental procedures.
    2. The hygienist (there’s only one), Suzy, talked a lot about evidence based practice, which I really appreciate. I want to know that what any dentist does is supported by research and not just their own thoughts (especially when that is expensive)
    3. She set aside 2 hours for the first appointment, and went over everything related to oral health. This is to say, I received the best dental education I have had anywhere, which I think will improve my own dental care.
    4. It was clear that they saw dentistry as a social justice issue, not just a health practice. Specifically, she talked about the importance of keeping up dental health, and her desire to find ways to make dentistry more affordable.
    5. Really gentle approach
    6. Her and her husband were really nice and down to Earth.
    7. Bonus: They had massage chairs to sit in while you waited

    Highly Recommend!

  • Malcolm Fenelon
    I had an amazing time, she was very gental and received a detailed analysis on the condition of my teeth, gums and bone. Thanks

  • Best dental hygiene care you can receive! As a fellow Registered Dental Hygienist, I appreciate the amazing care, concern, clinical excellence and professionalism Susy gives. You will be lucky to be a patient at this clinic!

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